Joan from Ntazi


 “My name is Joan from the village of Ntazi and I am 7 years old. I am happy for the cookstove that was constructed for us in our family. I will be helping my mother to keep it clean. The cookstove is good because it does not burn me like the old stove.”

Prikiseda is a resident of Kisoga


“I live with my 4 children and their father. The cookstove is good because it saves time and reduces on the number of times children are sent to the collect fire wood in bushes near and far. The firewood that used to last for two days can now last seven days. I now have some time to do at least some little work.”

Kyorabye Harriet


“I am saving on fuel which has been a big problem for us because people who sell us firewood charge us a lot of money and within a short time all is finished.”

--Kyorabye Harriet is a mother of three children who lives in the village of Maziba

Nakigudde Faridah


“I am happy for the cookstove constructed in my house because has changed my life for the last two and half years. I used to have a lot of smoke in my kitchen and all the time would be coughing. Now I no longer cough because there is much less smoke from cooking. We even sit have meals with my kids in the kitchen something we could not do before.”

--Nakigudde Faridah is a mother of three and lives in a village called Ngove

Mukasa Oliver


“I am indeed very happy for the cookstove that was constructed in my home because the cookstove in my kitchen cooks faster, keeps my food warm for the whole day and uses less fire, which is important since there are not many trees to cut for fire wood like in the past. My cookstove is still strong after using it for the last two years.”

--Mukasa Oliver lives with seven grandchildren in Kizala village

Nakalanzi Juliet


“My cookstove was constructed in 2013 and I am among the first group to benefit from the project. My stove is still strong and cooking well. It is faster and uses much less firewood. I am determined to maintain it to live longer.”

-- Nakalanzi Juliet and her six children live in a village called Nsanja